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Funny Short Story - Alien Visitor

Funny Short Story - Alien Visitor UFO
Funny Short Story - Alien Visitor UFO

The alien craft landed in my back yard amidst much white smoke and noise. I noticed the neighbours' curtain twitch, but no one came out – it was just me and the alien. I was sitting in my deck chair drinking a Bud so I didn't move.

Then what can only be described as a Smurf suddenly leapt out of an opening in the side of the craft and walked towards me whistling in a high pitched kind of way. I took a sip of beer and scratched my belly – what else you gonna do? - so he turned around and went back to his ship and took off, just like he came.

All was quiet for a while, and the birds who'd gone quiet started their blasted twittering again, then a voice came across the fence from the neighbours' yard, “Oi, Jim, what'd the fella want?”

“Directions, “ I shouted back.

I scratched my belly again.



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