Funny World's Funniest Joke?

Funniest Joke On Earth?
In my search for the funniest things on earth for this blog I often peruse “best of” or "world's funniest" websites, and find to my surprise that I am generally disappointed but what I find there. Whatever “best” means to the creators of these sites, it certainly does not coincide with my view. Then I wonder if humour is like colour, that is one has favourites, but no favourite is better than another. I mean, you wouldn’t fight over whether red was more beautiful than green would you? So perhaps "best" means what most people think, in other words most popular? For some reason my inner being rebels at this thought. Democracy is all very well for non essentials like government, but where funny is concerned, there is an absolute standard and all these websites are just plain wrong and you're in the funniest place on earth.

(World's Funniest Joke??)
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