The Four Wise Men

very funny joke three wise men
Most Bible scholars believe there were three wise men that visited the baby Jesus the night He was born, but there were actually four. We know about the three, one who brought gold, the other who brought frankincense, and the other who brought myrrh. These gifts brought by the first three wise men were of great help to Joseph and Mary financially. God used the three wise men to provide for the family of Jesus. This enabled them to be able to move to Egypt when Herod issued a decree to kill all male children two years old and under. Most families didn’t just up and move to a different country in those days because of the cost.

There was however a fourth wiseman that came night also bearing a gift to give to the new born baby, Jesus. We don’t hear about him in scripture though because he was turned away along with his gift. What did he bring you might ask?

A fruitcake!

very funny joke
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