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Frenchman Englishman American Cannibal Joke

I'm running a littel late - could you help me fold the napkins?
 Funny Frenchman Englishman American Cannibal Joke

A Frenchman, and Englishman and an American were the only survivors of a plane crash into jungle. They were promptly captured by a tribe of cannibals. Since one of the cannibals had eaten a linguist a few years back, he could converse with the three survivors, and informed them that they were to be killed, eaten, and their skin was going to be used to make a canoe. With language had come a degree of civilisation, so the survivors were allowed to choose their own form of death.

The Englishman chose a pistol, and crying, "God save the Queen!" blew his own brains out.

The Frenchman chose a knife, and shouting, "Vive la France!", slit his own throat.

The American requested a fork, and the cannibals, a bit perplexed, gave him one. He then began stabbing himself violently in the chest, screaming, "Let's see you make a canoe out of this!!"
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